Elbow Injuries in Throwing Athletes: What You Need to Know

Elbow injury throwing athletes

Elbow Injuries in Throwing Athletes: What You Need to Know Elbow injuries commonly develop among throwing athletes. This article will walk you through common elbow injuries and how they can be treated. What are common elbow injuries in throwing athletes? The elbow connects the bottom of the upper arm bone to the two bones in […]

How Does Shoulder Arthroplasty Work?

How Does Shoulder Arthroplasty Work

How Does Shoulder Arthroplasty Work? Shoulder arthroplasty is a surgical procedure that repairs and replaces a damaged shoulder joint. This article will help you better understand the procedure and its purpose. What is shoulder arthroplasty? A variety of conditions can contribute to a damaged shoulder joint. The most common causes include inflammation due to arthritis […]

Shoulder Arthroscopy Explained

Shoulder Arthroscopy Explained

Shoulder Arthroscopy Explained Shoulder arthroscopy is an innovative surgical procedure that can help relieve pain and inflammation in the shoulder joint. This article will give you a better understanding of the procedure in case you are suffering from shoulder damage. What is shoulder arthroscopy? The shoulder is a complex network of bone, cartilage, muscle, tendons, […]

What You Need to Know about Shoulder Injuries in Throwing Athletes

Throwing Injuries

Shoulder injuries commonly develop in throwing athletes who often rely on their shoulder joint for overhand throwing. This article will walk you through the nature of different shoulder injuries and how they can be treated.  What shoulder injuries are common for throwing athletes? Sports injuries can be debilitating. Throwing athletes often suffer from shoulder injuries […]

Don’t Let Pain Ruin Your Volleyball Game


Whether playing competitively or just in the backyard, volleyball is a fun sport for players of all ages and skill levels. The only downside is that like other sports, volleyball does come with a risk of injury. Given the nature of the game, the most common volleyball injuries likely aren’t hard to guess: shoulder overuse, […]

Guidelines to Avoiding Pitcher’s Arm in Youth Athletes


Playing sports in middle school or high school can have so many positive benefits. There’s the physical benefits of being an athlete, but then there are all of the character-building values that come with being on a team: boosting self-esteem, learning how to be a team player, handling losses while being a good sport, the […]

How to Spot Signs and Symptoms of Pitching Injuries


Of all the players on a baseball field, pitchers tend to be more susceptible to upper body injuries. The immense pressure of the repetitive throwing motion can wreak havoc on their elbows and shoulders. And as competition increases it’s no surprise that pitching injuries are on the rise—as pitchers are throwing harder, faster, and younger […]

What’s the Secret to Arthritis Pain Management?


If you’re wondering how to treat arthritis pain, you’ve probably been kept awake at night due or prevented from doing daily activities or beloved hobbies. Those compromises on quality of life are what typically spurs someone to finally seek treatment for arthritis. Common signs of arthritis include: Joint pain Stiffness Swelling or tenderness Decreased range of […]

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