Complete Orthopedic Care for Arthritis


One-stop shop for arthritis treatment If arthritis pain is getting in the way of your everyday life, it can be a relief to know that treatment is available. An orthopedic specialist can help you evaluate the cause of your arthritis, discuss your treatment options, and provide you with complete orthopedic care under one roof.   What […]

Types of Arthritis Pain and How to Treat Them


Painful joints, stiffness, swelling — arthritis pain can be serious and debilitating. If you are experiencing pain that is preventing you from living your life to the fullest, it helps to understand what arthritis pain looks like and determine what might be the cause of your condition. Arthritis is the number one cause of disability in America, […]

What’s the Secret to Arthritis Pain Management?


If you’re wondering how to treat arthritis pain, you’ve probably been kept awake at night due or prevented from doing daily activities or beloved hobbies. Those compromises on quality of life are what typically spurs someone to finally seek treatment for arthritis. Common signs of arthritis include: Joint pain Stiffness Swelling or tenderness Decreased range of […]

How to Combat Carpal Tunnel Syndrome at Work


If you have a job that involves repetitive movements of your hand and wrist, you might be concerned about having developed carpal tunnel syndrome at work. Maybe you’ve even experienced some telltale signs, such as pain, numbness and tingling. Any kind of joint pain can become debilitating or disruptive to daily life. If you think your job […]

What to Do for Arthritis Knee Pain


Arthritis pain can range from annoying and unpleasant to completely debilitating and life disrupting. When arthritis affects your knee joint, it can seriously impact your everyday life. Simple tasks like rising up from a chair or walking can become painful, not to mention activities like running or riding a bike. Fortunately, there are steps you can […]

The Truth About Arthritis Pain Medication


If arthritis is compromising your quality of life, it’s helpful to understand arthritis pain medication. This blog describes some of the different arthritis pain medications that are available by prescription or over the counter. Some commonly used arthritis pain medication include: Tylenol or other analgesics: Many of these painkillers are available without a prescription. Advil or other nonsteroidal […]

What’s Good for Arthritis Pain?


Arthritis comes with many unpleasant symptoms, including stiffness, swelling, discomfort and a decreased range of movement. It can also bring pain to the affected joints and tissues around the joints. Unfortunately it’s not uncommon for people to spend years wondering what’s good for arthritis pain, trying different treatments and yet not finding relief. But that […]

When Joint Replacement Makes Sense for Arthritis


Arthritis is an oftentimes painful condition that affects the joints of more than 50 million adults, a small percentage of whom will eventually end up undergoing orthopedic surgery.  Fortunately, first-line treatments for arthritis pain are often effective. However, there are cases in which orthopedic surgery may be needed when other treatments have been exhausted. First-line methods to treat arthritis pain include physical […]

When to Use Gel Injections for Arthritis


Gel injections are one of several common methods for treating arthritis pain. You may have heard about the benefits of gel injections and wondered how they differ from cortisone shots or other treatments for arthritis. Can they help you avoid surgery? Are they a cure-all for the pain associated with osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis or other […]

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