Running Hurts My Knees. What Can I Do About It?


It’s not a myth: Running is tough on your knees. Whether you’re a newbie starting a couch-to-5K program or you’re a veteran ultra-marathoner, it’s likely that at some point in your running journey you’ve experienced knee pain that has brought you to a halt. And it’s no surprise; running is a high-impact activity that involves […]

What Are Common Types of Soccer Injuries?


Soccer fever is in high gear this summer. A new generation of U.S. women’s soccer players triumphed at the FIFA World Cup in July, commanding the attention of young athletes everywhere and inspiring them with their grit, fearlessness, and star power. The athletic prowess at the World Cup is inspiring, to be sure; and will […]

Factors That Contribute to Throwing Injuries in Youth Athletes


Odds are if you’re a baseball fan, you likely have a favorite pitcher. Watching a pitcher wind up, check the bases, and hurtle a ball toward home plate can be captivating. And if you’re the one pitching, it can feel even more exhilarating. What happens when a pitching arm starts to hurt? Of the approximately […]

How to Treat Overuse Injuries from Sports


Overuse injuries might sound like something only professional athletes get, but they can affect anyone who plays sports, including youth. What is an overuse injury? Also called repetitive strain injuries, overuse injuries are those caused by repetitive movement and trauma. They can affect muscles, bones or joints, and result in problems like tendinitis, shin splints […]

Ortho Urgent Care: Experienced Specialists Without the Wait

Midwest Orthopaedic Consultants has taken to the TV airwaves with a series of commercials highlighting our experienced team and comprehensive orthopedic services, including urgent care. While the first spot put the spotlight on our 25 years of service to the community, the second commercial details our Ortho Urgent Care. Immediate Help Close to Home When you’ve suffered a […]

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