How to Spot Signs and Symptoms of Pitching Injuries


Of all the players on a baseball field, pitchers tend to be more susceptible to upper body injuries. The immense pressure of the repetitive throwing motion can wreak havoc on their elbows and shoulders. And as competition increases it’s no surprise that pitching injuries are on the rise—as pitchers are throwing harder, faster, and younger […]

Factors That Contribute to Throwing Injuries in Youth Athletes


Odds are if you’re a baseball fan, you likely have a favorite pitcher. Watching a pitcher wind up, check the bases, and hurtle a ball toward home plate can be captivating. And if you’re the one pitching, it can feel even more exhilarating. What happens when a pitching arm starts to hurt? Of the approximately […]

What Are the Most Common Youth Sports Injuries?


Track and field. Football. Baseball. Swimming. Volleyball. Basketball. Sports are some of the time-honored pastimes of youth. They give children something fun to do outside of school, help them build confidence, teach them about teamwork and encourage them to build a network of friends. They can also have their downside, particularly when it comes to risk of […]

How to Treat Overuse Injuries from Sports


Overuse injuries might sound like something only professional athletes get, but they can affect anyone who plays sports, including youth. What is an overuse injury? Also called repetitive strain injuries, overuse injuries are those caused by repetitive movement and trauma. They can affect muscles, bones or joints, and result in problems like tendinitis, shin splints […]

Protect Growing Brains — Take Youth Concussions Seriously


Concussions are a serious injury, especially when they affect someone with a developing brain. That’s why those who experience youth concussions should be cared for properly and given time to heal. If you suspect your child has a concussion or another sports injury, an orthopedic specialist can help with diagnosing their condition. What is a concussion? It’s […]

Common Football Injuries: How to Prevent and Treat Them


Anyone who follows professional sports is likely already aware of the most common football injuries: concussion, injuries to the knee and shoulder, and injuries related to heat and overuse. While football injures more young athletes than any other sport, it can be played safely with the right conditioning and equipment. Here’s a brief overview of […]

Common Baseball Injuries: How to Prevent and Treat Them


Baseball is America’s pastime, but it’s also the cause of a rising number of elbow and shoulder injuries in children and youths. Each year, thousands of kids seek medical attention for pain incurred on the baseball diamond. If your child participates in this popular summertime sport, you want to know how to keep them safe. […]

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