Urgent Care is Temporarily Closed


M-Thursday 8am - 6pm
Friday 8am - 4pm
Saturdays Closed


Oak Lawn

Age Requirements:

12 years old and up

Do I need an appointment?

No. Just walk in during the above hours.

Why use Urgent OrthoExperts?

Save Time…Avoid long waits at the overcrowded Emergency Room. Get Expert Care…Immediate access to an urgent care orthopedics specialist. Save Money…It costs the same as a specialty office visit. Accidents don’t keep regular business hours. Midwest Orthopaedic Consultants now offers an alternative to overcrowded emergency rooms and immediate care centers not specializing in bone and joint problems, it is Urgent Orthoexperts.

Do I need to make an appointment to be seen at Urgent OrthoExperts?

Just walk in during the Orthopaedic Urgent Care Hours.

What are the benefits of going to Urgent OrthoExperts vs an ER?

You will be seen by MOC providers who have specialized training in orthopaedics and a better understanding of orthopaedic injuries. If you are treated at an emergency room, they will typically have you follow up with an orthopaedic office visit anyway. You can save time and money by going directly to Urgent OrthoExperts and be confident that your injury is being treated by a specialist in the orthopaedic field. Additionally, wait times are typically much shorter than they would be at a traditional urgent care facility or emergency room.

How is Urgent OrthoExperts different from a traditional immediate care clinic or ER?

Urgent OrthoExperts is an extension of our regular orthopedic clinic. Most Immediate Care facilities and ER’s charge higher amounts and insurance companies will charge a larger copay for traditional urgent care and emergency room visits. Since Urgent OrthoExperts is an extension of our regular clinic, the charges are the same as a regular office visit in our clinic and patients pay their regular office visit copay.

Will my insurance company cover my visit at Urgent OrthoExperts?

We accept most major insurance plans, it is billed the same as a specialty office visit with Midwest Orthopaedic Consultants. As with any medical care, it is always recommended that you check with your insurance company to assure coverage. Remember to bring your insurance card! Current insurance card or pre-payment of services required for services.

How do I know when to go to Urgent OrthoExperts instead of scheduling a clinic appointment with Midwest Orthopaedic Consultants?

If you have a sudden injury as a result of an accident, sports, or other intense physical activity, then you will want to visit Urgent OrthoExperts. These injuries include, but are not limited to, sprains and strains, closed fractures, minor dislocations, simple lacerations, back and neck pain. If you have an ongoing condition, a minor injury with minimal pain, or need to schedule follow up visit, you can schedule an appointment at Midwest Orthopaedic Consultants. If you have any questions regarding when to visit our Urgent OrthoExperts, please call us at 708.226.3300 to speak to one of our representatives.