Most Common Types of Spine Surgery

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For many patients who are experiencing pain or discomfort from a spinal condition, spine surgery can be an excellent option to relieve pain and return to every day activities. Before having surgery, patients must be properly qualified by an experienced orthopedic spine surgeon and fully informed of their treatment options. Any surgery can be scary, […]

ACL Tear Recovery – WGN Segment with James Leonard MD

Dr. Leonard recently appeared on a segment of the WGN-TV series “Living Healthy Chicago” about a local father of three recovering from an ACL tear. Dr. Leonard discussed the nature of the injury, how surgery is performed and what part patients play in their recovery. “I can do the best ACL surgery in the world, but it’s all about […]

Shoulder Impingement: Can Acromioplasty Help Your Shoulder Pain?


Shoulder pain is a common complaint shared by people of all ages and activity levels. By far the most common diagnosis, shoulder impingement syndrome accounts for 44-65% of all shoulder complaints. When the arm is raised to shoulder height and above, the space between the roof of the shoulder (acromion) and the upper arm bone […]

10 Most Frequently Asked Questions About Spine Surgery


The prospect of any surgery can be scary for patients, and that’s especially true for spine surgery. Patients wonder whether surgery will negatively impact their mobility, increase their pain or require a long recovery. What’s scary for patients, though, is routine for experienced orthopedic surgeons. We’re always developing new techniques to lower pain and enhance patients’ […]

Outpatient Joint Replacement Explained By George Branovacki MD


Outpatient joint replacement surgery for hips and knees is becoming increasingly common for eligible patients, eliminating the need for long hospital stays and inpatient care. I began performing outpatient hip and knee procedures in 2013, and a third of my practice is now outpatient.   The benefits of outpatient total joint replacement include: Shortened hospital stays The possibility […]