Cases No One Else Will Tackle: Complex Primary and Revision Total Hip Replacements

revision total hip replacement

Cases No One Else Will Tackle: Complex Primary and Revision Total Hip Replacements

Some orthopaedic cases that require complex primary or revision total hip replacements, are more specialized than others. This article will explore some of the orthopaedic cases no one else will tackle and how they can be treated here at Midwest Orthopaedic Consultants.

What Is A Complex Primary Hip Replacement?

A primary hip replacement is a common surgical treatment to replace a damaged hip joint with an artificial implant. This treatment is commonly recommended for those with severe arthritis in the hip that has not responded well to more conservative treatments. The damaged ball and socket components of the joint are replaced with metal or plastic prosthetics that reduce joint pain and restore mobility in the hip.

Primary hip replacements are often used to treat severe arthritis that has failed to respond to more conservative treatments. Arthritis describes the wearing away of the protective cartilage that normally lines the interior of the joint to allow it to move smoothly. A primary total hip replacement involves replacing both the ball and socket of the original damaged joint with artificial metal components to restore functioning of the hip.

While most hip replacements have become routine procedures for orthopaedic surgeons, some cases are more complex than others. Some patients have additional risk factors or complications that can make a hip replacement a riskier operation. These factors can include

  •       Obesity
  •       Abnormal bone structure or anatomy
  •       Bone loss or degeneration
  •       Weakened surrounding soft tissue
  •       Comorbid diseases
  •       Underlying skin or muscle issues
  •       Injury or bone fracture

Any of these conditions can lead to a complex primary hip replacement, meaning the procedure will require an even greater degree of orthopaedic expertise and experience. Luckily, the orthopaedic specialists and surgeons at Midwest Orthopaedic Consultants are prepared to deal with some of the most challenging cases and encourage you to book an evaluation with us if you are suffering from severe hip arthritis.

complex primary hip replacement

What Is A Revision Total Hip Replacement?

Most hip replacement surgeries are effective, meaning patients can successfully return to their daily lives a couple months after surgery with reduced pain and better hip functioning. In some cases, though, patients may experience later complications that lead to more pain and stiffness and can interfere with normal functioning.

These complications can arise for a variety of reasons, including

  •       Loosening or wear-and-tear of the implant over time
  •       Infection that interferes with the integrity of the implant
  •       Frequent dislocation of the implant
  •       Injury or fracture that affects or dislodges the implant
  •       Damaged surrounding bone or soft tissue

In these cases, a revision total hip replacement may be necessary to correct the damage from a failed primary hip replacement. An orthopaedic surgeon may remove and replace part of the artificial joint or the entire joint depending on the severity and extent of damage in the hip.

Revision surgeries are often more complicated than the original hip replacement because there is usually damage to surrounding bone structures and soft tissue. These other conditions may require the surgeon to remove additional original bone or tissue along with damaged parts of the implant, which can make the procedure more complex.

Complex Primary and Revision Total Hip Replacements at Midwest Orthopaedic Consultants

We at Midwest Orthopaedic Consultants are prepared to tackle even the most challenging cases for complex primary and revision total hip replacements. Our experienced team of orthopaedic specialists and surgeons are committed to delivering quality care with an expertise that allows them to help those who haven’t yet been able to find relief from severe hip pain yet.

We understand how frustrating hip arthritis and its symptoms can be and are ready to meet with you for an evaluation to see how we can get you back to doing what you love.

If you’re suffering from hip arthritis and suspect your treatment procedure may be more complex, book an appointment with us today!

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