Foot and Ankle Deformities

Foot and ankle deformaties

What Are Different Kinds of Foot and Ankle Deformities? Foot and ankle deformities can cause a great deal of pain, discomfort, and inconvenience. This article will help you understand the nature of different foot and ankle deformities and how they can be treated with proper medical attention. Cavus foot deformity What causes cavus foot deformity? […]

Minimally Invasive Bunion Surgery: Dr. Garras

Bunion Basics The word “bunion” actually comes from the Latin term for turnip. Bunions got their name because when they become really inflamed and red, they look like a turnip. Click on the video below to hear Dr. Garras explain what bunions are and how they can be treated with minimally invasive bunion surgery. A bunion is not […]

Chronic Plantar Fasciitis: Study of Injectable Treatment Shows Promise


Patients looking for relief from chronic plantar fasciitis are not alone. Some 2 million people are treated for the condition annually, according to the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons. I have been studying a potential new treatment using an injectable human umbilical cord and amniotic membrane matrix called Clarix Flo, and initial findings are promising. Clarix […]