Total Knee Replacement Recovery

knee replacement

When a patient begins the process of a total knee replacement, there is always the concern of recovery and wellbeing after the surgery. While total knee replacement can be concerning, there are many reasons why total knee replacement recovery can be bearable and definitely overall be worth it. Very few invasive surgeries have painless recoveries, […]

Anterior Hip Replacement

hip replacement

Hip replacements have been done for many years, and they continue to get more advanced and successful. While many people have heard of hip replacements, it isn’t as common to know that there are several different forms of hip replacement. There are different implants available as well depending on the severity of the degeneration or […]

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Total Hip Replacement Recovery

hip surgery

Hip problems are one of the most difficult and painful things to deal with, as the hips are so central to walking, sitting, bending, and most movement. Total hip replacement can be a great solution to hip pain, but many patients are concerned about total hip replacement recovery. With the replacement of such an important […]

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Posterior Hip Replacement

posterior Hip Replacement

Posterior Hip Replacement Millions of people all over the world have had hip replacement surgeries. A high percentage of these surgeries are successful in reducing pain and increasing a patient’s ability to function. Hip surgeries have been more successful in recent years because of the advancement of the surgery itself. One way hip replacements have […]

Hip Prosthesis


Hip Prosthesis When people talk about prosthetics, they most often refer to the visible prosthetics like prosthetic legs or arms. However, internal prosthetics are just as useful and effective. An example of this is a hip prosthesis, which replaces the hip joint partially or completely. There are several reasons why a hip prosthesis may be […]

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